Lost In Random: How To Use Cards

Lost In Random's tabletop inspirations are clear once you dive in. Accompanied by a D6 companion called Dicey, Even relies on him across this adventure for combat, pulling from your card deck to choose between a selection of weapons, hazards, defensive measures, cheats and more.

Wielding up to 15 cards at once, Lost In Random fuses elements of deck-building games with real-time combat, which might seem confusing at first. If you've been struggling to get your head around this system, here's what you need to know about how the cards works.

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Lost In Random: How To Use Cards

To start with, we need to cover combat basics. Dicey has to collect dice shards to fill up a dice meter, usually done by shooting blue crystals off enemies with your slingshot. Slowly, your dice meter fills, drawing a card once filled, up to a maximum of five cards. At that point, Even can roll Dicey, entering the “dicemension” to freeze time.

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Now, some of this is chance-based as whatever number Dicey lands on determines how many card tokens you obtain, and each card has a token cost. If you don't have enough tokens for a particular card, it'll be greyed out, clearly indicating what's not available.

Look over the chosen cards carefully to see what effects they have, as some cards can offer additional tokens, then press the X button twice to confirm your pick. If you've still got leftover tokens, you can potentially pick up a second card, so don't let it go to waste. And that's all you need to know!

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