Lost Ark Is Steam's Second Most-Played Game of All Time, Based on Concurrent Players

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Following a highly successful early access release, Lost Ark officially launched last Friday, and fans are coming out in droves for this free-to-play MMORPG. Now, it's become Steam's second most-played game of all time by concurrent players, peaking at 1,325,305 people.

Confirmed by SteamDB, Lost Ark pushed Counter-Strike: Global Offensive into 3rd place, which peaked at 1,308,963 players. However, it's a long way off PUBG: Battlegrounds, which hit an incredible 3,257,248 count when it first launched.

Lost Ark Is Now Steam's Second Most-Played Game of All Time

Both are closely followed by Dota 2, which hit 1,295,114 players at its peak. Otherwise, the only other Steam game to exceed 1 million players is Cyberpunk 2077, reaching 1,054,388 back at launch. You can find the full figures right here.

Lost Ark is out now on PC, though we're awaiting further news on a potential console release. You can check out our guides for stat boosts, gear progression, classes and roles, DPS, bards, quick levelling, and plenty more. We'll keep you informed as we learn more.

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