Lost Ark Knowledge Transfer Guide

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An island Stronghold, where players can use a Knowledge Transfer in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark has been around since 2019, when Smilegate launched the MMOARPG in South Korea. Since, it has been published again worldwide by Amazon Game Studios, and players have been flocking to the game. Similarly to other MMOs, however, it can be a bit of a pain trying to level up alternate characters quickly.

Levelling up various characters in Lost Ark can be pretty important to those who wish to try different classes and builds. Fortunately, though, Lost Ark has a rather useful mechanic that can be used to level up your other characters after one character reaches the level cap. And no, it is not the Powerpass, but we recommend that you get that too!

Once you've unlocked your Stronghold in Lost Ark, you'll be able to use Knowledge Transfers. In this guide, we explain exactly what a Knowledge Transfer is, and how to use one in Lost Ark.

Two characters in heavy armour in Lost Ark.
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What Is A Knowledge Transfer in Lost Ark?

To put it simply, a Knowledge Transfer in Lost Ark will allow you to level up and advance an alternate character autonomously, without having to spend real-world money or earn a Powerpass. A Knowledge Transfer will cost 600 in-game gold, which shouldn't be too much of a grind.

While manually levelling a character to Level 50 can take anywhere between 10 and 15 hours, a Knowledge Transfer will level your alternate character up autonomously over the course of eight hours. However, there's a criteria that needs to be met before you can use the Powerpass, which we have explained below.

How to Get and Use A Knowledge Transfer in Lost Ark

Players of Lost Ark will be able to access the Knowledge Transfer ability after having at least one character complete the main quest line and, thus, reach Level 50. Once a character is Level 50 with access to their Island Stronghold, you will need to complete your Stronghold quests, which you'll likely have done upon your first visit to your estate.

After fulfilling all of the above criteria, you will be able to use Knowledge Transfer on an alternate character at the cost of 600 gold. Once the process has begun, you will not be able to cancel it, and will have to wait for eight hours until the process is finished.


After your wait, your alternate character will have been levelled to the same level as your initial, main character. If you find that you have any issues starting a Knowledge Transfer, make sure that you activate the ability on your alternate character (the one you wish to level up), rather than your main.

That's all you need to know about using a Knowledge Transfer in Lost Ark. Good luck, and don't forget to try other classes! For more on Lost Ark, check out our guides on the best gear, what pets and mounts you can grab, and every Mokoko Seed location.

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