Lost Ark Hits 20 Million Players Worldwide

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Lost Ark had a huge launch in the West last month. Arriving on Steam for North America and Europe, it faced server congestion even in early access before officially launching. Now, Amazon Games and Smilegate have confirmed the hit MMORPG has reached over 20 million players worldwide.

Releasing an official statement, Christoph Hartmann, VP at Amazon Games, said:

"Overall, the excitement surrounding Lost Ark from around the world is quickly gaining steam, as evidenced by the growing number of global players. Together with Smilegate, we are committed to supporting the growing community with a robust roadmap of updates in the years to come.”

Lost Ark Hits 20 Million Players Worldwide

According to Amazon, over 10 million players come from North America, Europe, South America and Australia, and 4.7 million joined in the first three days. As for what's next, Smilegate recently confirmed they'll be sharing an updated roadmap soon, following Lost Ark's March update. You can find out more below:

Previously, Lost Ark became Steam's second most-played game of all time by concurrent players, peaking at 1,325,305 people soon after launch. Lost Ark is out now on PC, though we're awaiting news on a console release. Otherwise, you can check out our guides for stat boosts, gear progression, classes and roles, DPS, bards, quick levelling, and plenty more.