Lost Ark Fragrance and Fish Quest - How to Complete It

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Lost Ark. A character is walking across a fallen tree that is acting as a bridge between two area sections

Lost Ark is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game. The world of Arkesia has been at peace for over half a Millenium, but peace cannot last forever. With their fragile way of life in danger, the mystical (and once thought only to be a story) Lost Ark is their only hope.

In the game, you venture on multiple quests throughout the different areas of Arkesia in your journey to find the coveted Ark. Of course, there are many side-quests and adventures that you can wander off on if you want to. Some side-quests involve earning epic and powerful new weapons, others involve exploring an Island. One such quest takes place on an Island inhabited by Pandas.


In this guide, we're going to walk you through how to complete the Fragrance and Fish Quest. We also give you a glimpse at the rewards you can expect after completing it.

Fragrance and Fish Quest - How to Complete It

To complete this quest, you will need to spend some time exploring Panda Island. It shouldn't take too long as the Island itself is relatively small, plus, you have Pandas to keep you company. Once you start the quest, you should see that your goal is to find three hidden areas on the Island. You can find them by using the clues that have been written on a tablet. The quest objectives/clues are:

  1. A place behind the Stone Lantern
  1. A place past the Panda
  2. A place that crosses with the cliff

Here's how to find all of the areas quickly.

A Place Behind the Stone Lantern

To find this area, you need to head to the North East section of the Island. As you near the North-Eastern tip of Panda Island, you should pass a family of Pandas near a wooden ladder on your left. If you pass this, continue walking until you come to a section of dense Bamboo foliage. Walk through this and you'll find yourself in a secret area on the other side. The "a place behind the stone lantern" objective should be completed.


A Place Past the Panda

Now, you need to head to the Western side of the Island. As you start to make your way through this part of the Island, you should find that you are starting to walk past a few small Pandas. This is the sign that you're nearing the hidden area. Keep an eye on the left side of your screen. There should be a dense section of Bamboo foliage on the edge of the map. Again, walk through this. Keep following the path until you reach the end of the area. The "a place past the panda" objective should now be complete.

A Place That Crosses With the Cliff

To find this area, you need to head to the Southernmost part of the Island. On the map, you should see that there is a small piece of the Southern half of the Island that sticks out. This is where you need to go. Once here, it may seem like you're going to fall off the edge of the cliff. This is exactly where you need to be. You now need to jump and you should land in another area. Once here, follow the path around until you cannot follow it any further. This is where you will find your final area.


Once you have found all three areas, the "Fragrance and Fish" quest will be marked as complete.

Lost Ark Ship sailing towards a small island

Fragrance and Fish Quest Rewards

After you complete the Fragrance and Fish Quest, you can look forward to earning multiple valuable rewards. As well as earning Silver and Roster XP, you can earn:

  • A Splendid Destruction Stone Fragment Chest
  • A Lavish Guardian Stone Fragment Chest.

An Island full of Pandas and treasure awaits you, it's time to get exploring!

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