Popular Lost Ark Servers Halt Adding New Players

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Lost Ark has been a huge success for Smilegate Entertainment and Amazon so far. With many players gaining early access through the Founder's Pack - which sold 1.5 million copies - it launches today, and this free-to-play MMORPG is already struggling with server capacity.

Announcing character creation limits on popular servers, Smilegate released this statement:

Today at 1:45 PM PT (9:45 PM UTC) we will be limiting the creation of characters by new players on servers that have extensive queue times. If you already have a character on one of these servers, you will still be able create additional characters for your Roster, but new players will not be able to join or create characters.

Popular Lost Ark Servers Halt Adding New Players

Smilegate confirmed this'll affect 11 servers Europe and North America, stating the limit will "remain in place for the foreseeable future," providing an update when its removed. These servers are:

  • NA West: Mari, Valtan
  • NA East: Azena, Una, Regulus, Avesta
  • EU Central: Kadan, Trixion, Thirain, Zinnervale, Asta

However, it's not all bad news. Smilegate revealed two new servers are coming to EU Central (Beatrice) and NA East (Elzowin) are opening now, while "additional servers (not listed) will also be rolling out ahead of our full launch tomorrow."

Lost Ark is available today on PC, though we're waiting for further news on a console release. If you've already been playing in early access, why not check out our guides for Stat Boosts, Gear Progression, Classes and Roles, and plenty more.