Lost Ark Battle Pass - Ark Pass Release Date, Rewards, and Everything We Know

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The Lost Ark Ark Pass could be headed West sooner than we thought. While Smilegate has made no official announcement about the MMO’s spin on a battle pass, a recent video introducing the Proving Grounds featured a brief glimpse of an icon with an “Ark Pass” label. What the pass may look like and what rewards will be up for grabs is still uncertain, though if it’s like the Korean version, we have a pretty good idea of what to expect.

This guide covers everything we know about the Ark Pass, including when it may release and what rewards it’ll offer.

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When Is The Lost Ark Ark Pass Release Date?

Considering the Ark Pass icon showed up in a Proving Grounds video, we’d be surprised if the battle pass didn’t debut in the next set of updates. Smilegate has content planned through April and May, including the new Glaivier class, so it’s unlikely the Ark Pass would release anytime before June unless Smilegate just feels like being quirky and debuts it just for fun.

What Is The Ark Pass?

The Ark Pass is your standard battle pass similar to what other service games have. It includes a free path with standard rewards such as crafting materials and a paid “premium” route with pets and double what you get in the standard one. The premium route costs approximately $20, though the Korean version also includes a $50 Super Premium pass that gives you new cosmetics along with everything else. The Ark Pass lasts for three months, or at least the Korean version does.

Whether this is how the Western release will structure the Ark Pass and its pricing isn’t clear though.

What Are This Month's Ark Pass Rewards?

We'll update once it's actually out in the West!

Is The Ark Pass Worth It?

It depends on what you want out of your game. The basic materials – weapon chests, for example – don’t give you anything you can’t find elsewhere, though there’s always a chance you’ll end up with something that gets you a higher gear score. If you’re keen on cosmetics, the Super Premium pass might be appealing, though $50 is a not-insignificant amount of money just for a few special costumes.

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