Life Is Strange True Colors: Where to Get the Sunsilver Recipe

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You can help out the Blacksmith during the LARP in Life Is Strange True Colors by bringing him the recipe for Sunsilver. It's hidden somewhere in town, and finding it will get you a useful reward. here's where to find the recipe for Sunsilver.

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Life Is Strange True Colors: Where to Get the Sunsilver Recipe

If you use your power on the Blacksmith outside of the Record Shop you will learn that they are frustrated. They want the recipe for Sunsilver, which would allow them to craft better weapons. To find the recipe for Sunsilver, head into the Record Store. Look to the right of the entrance and interact with the note that is hanging there. This will give you what you need. Head back outside to speak to the Blacksmith and tell him the recipe.



For helping out the Blacksmith you will get a Scroll. This can be used to battle any of the foes you'll encounter during the LARP. You'll need them for the final boss, so hold onto this scroll if you can.

That's all you need to know about getting the recipe for Sunsilver for the Blacksmith in Life Is Strange True Colors. For more help with the game be sure to check out our guide on solving the Jester's Riddle during the LARP. Elsewhere there's our look at how Romance works in the game.