Letterle Answer - What Is Today's Letterle Letter?

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Image of the start of the guessing process in Letterle

If the pop culture sensation Wordle and its various spin-offs are a little too tricky for you, then the good news is there's a solution: Letterle. If the prospect of guessing a five-letter word in six guesses is a bit too daunting when you first wake up in the morning, Letterle gives you unlimited chances to guess just one letter. Our Letterle answer list will give you a rundown of each day's result, to make it even easier.

Yes, Letterle is the Wordle experience distilled into a very simple package - but it's good to know what you're getting into anyway. With this Letterle answer list we'll go through all the key info that's worth keeping track of, as well as kicking off with a list of the letter solutions to make things slightly more straightforward.

However, Letterle may be slightly too simple for most players. As such, you can check out our Wordle clue list for a helping hand in the old reliable classic. On top of that, we've got a Quordle word list for the four-word variation of the formula. If you've had enough of word-based games, then why not give our Nerdle answer guide a look for something different?

Letterle Answer List

Today's Letterle Answer

February 17, 2022

  • P

Previous Letterle Answers

February 16, 2022

  • A

February 15, 2022

  • G

February 14, 2022

  • V

February 13, 2022

  • T

How Do I Play Letterle?

Letterle works very similarly to Wordle, as you head to the website and see white tiles that you'll need to fill letters. Of course, there's only one letter to guess, which makes it a lot easier. Simply type a letter and it'll automatically check against the target answer to see whether you're right or wrong. There's only two types of tile in Letterle: the grey tile indicating you haven't guessed the correct letter, and the green mark showing you have. Yep, it's a lot more straightforward.

There's really very little extra in terms of playing Letterle. It's a matter of booting the game up and simply spamming letters until you get the right one. The appeal of Letterle is its simplicity, even if it means that there isn't much longevity to its gimmick.

Image of a successful guess after 20 attempts in Letterle
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What Is The Best Starting Letter In Letterle?

Given you have unlimited guesses, there isn't really a need to choose a perfect starting letter in Letterle. However, the game does reveal how many guesses it took you to land the answer, so getting the fewest number of guesses could easily become a matter of contention in competitive friend groups.

Therefore, the best letter to start with in Letterle is probably E. Not only is it a handy vowel, but it's generally considered the most common letter in the English language. Not that it'll have much bearing on proceedings though, as it's unlikely that you'll ever get the Letterle answer on the first guess. Instead, you're probably just better off chugging through the alphabet with guesses, before eventually landing the right one.

Can I Play Previous Letterle Challenges?

In games like Wordle, you're able to tweak your device's calendar settings to spoof your date and try another challenge. This can be handy if you've missed a particular day's puzzle, or if you just feel like doing another. The good news is that you can do the same thing in Letterle. All you need to do is head to your device's time settings, and edit to make the day a different one to the current date. Then reload the Letterle page, and you'll be greeted with a brand-new challenge.

That's it for our Letterle answers guide! While this spin on the word-guessing formula may not have the most longevity, it's certainly a funny little distraction if you've already completed most of the day's challenges. For more hyper-specific word games, check out the Worldle country for the day, the Heardle song of the day, and even the latest Hogwartle word as well.

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