Lego Star Wars: Skywalker Saga Voice Actors - All New and Returning VAs

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As is with the case of any game with a robust character list, the Skywalker Saga voice actors list is bound to include more than few names you've heard of before. There's no easy way to find out who voiced who in the long-awaited return of the Lego Star Wars games, but we're going to try our best to list the lot.

Featuring over 300 playable characters and plenty of other chatting NPCs dropped around the galaxy far, far away, the end result of this Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga voice actors list is sure to be long and unwieldy. Still, if you're hearing a voice out on Tatooine you know you've heard before but just can't connect to another voice actor, we've (hopefully) got you covered.

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All Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Voice Actors

Voice Actor Character
A.J. LoCascioUnconfirmed
Adam DiggleUnconfirmed
Adam HowdenUnconfirmed
Adrain EdmondsonUnconfirmed
Alec NewmanUnconfirmed
Andrew James SpoonerUnconfirmed
Andy SecombeUnconfirmed
Anjella MackintoshUnconfirmed
Anthony DanielsC-3PO
Anthony PhelanUnconfirmed
Arif S. KinchenUnconfirmed
Beatriz RomilyUnconfirmed
Ben AldridgeUnconfirmed
Billy Dee WilliamsLando Calrissian
Brian BlessedUnconfirmed
Carolyn HennesyUnconfirmed
Cathrine TaberUnconfirmed
Christopher FairbankUnconfirmed
Christopher SciuerefUnconfirmed
Claire MorganUnconfirmed
Clair CorbettUnconfirmed
Colin MacFarlaneUnconfirmed
Corey BurtonUnconfirmed
Daniel LoganBoba Fett
David AccordUnconfirmed
David HoltUnconfirmed
David MenkinUnconfirmed
Dee Bradley BakerClone Troopers (unconfirmed)
Edward DoglianiUnconfirmed
Emily BevanUnconfirmed
Emma BallatineUnconfirmed
Emma StannardUnconfirmed
Eric LorenUnconfirmed
Eric MeyersUnconfirmed
Fio DiReUnconfirmed
Fred TatscioreUnconfirmed
Greg GrunbergUnconfirmed
Greg ProopsUnconfirmed
Grey GriffinUnconfirmed
Gunnar CautheryUnconfirmed
Helen SadlerUnconfirmed
Hermione CorfieldUnconfirmed
Jaimi BarbakoffUnconfirmed
James Arnold TaylorObi-Wan Kenobi
James Sobol KellyUnconfirmed
Jamie BollardUnconfirmed
Jane PerryUnconfirmed
Janine HarouniUnconfirmed
Jason BaughanUnconfirmed
Jay Laga'aiaUnconfirmed
Jessica HenwickUnconfirmed
John SchwabUnconfirmed
Joplin SibtainUnconfirmed
Josh CowderyPoe Dameron
Katie LeungUnconfirmed
Kerry ShaleUnconfirmed
Kevin Michael RichardsonUnconfirmed
Kosha EnglerUnconfirmed
Leeanna WalsmanUnconfirmed
Lewis MacleodUnconfirmed
Louiza PatikasUnconfirmed
Lucy MontgomeryUnconfirmed
Maria Teresa CreaseyUnconfirmed
Mark DobsonUnconfirmed
Matt LanterUnconfirmed
Matthew Jacobs-MorganUnconfirmed
Natalie WinterUnconfirmed
Nathan OsgoodUnconfirmed
Nicholas GohUnconfirmed
Nicholas BoultonUnconfirmed
Nigel WhitmeyUnconfirmed
Nina YndisUnconfirmed
Ony UhiaraUnconfirmed
Peter de JerseyUnconfirmed
Phil LaMarrUnconfirmed
Ralph BrownUnconfirmed
Rebecca BlackstoneUnconfirmed
Ronan SummersUnconfirmed
Sam FinkUnconfirmed
Sam WitwerUnconfirmed
Scott CapurroUnconfirmed
Shelby YoungUnconfirmed
Silas CarsonUnconfirmed
Stephen KellyUnconfirmed
Stephan StantonBen Kenobi
Steve SpiersUnconfirmed
Steven HartleyUnconfirmed
T.C. CarsonUnconfirmed
Tim BeckmanUnconfirmed
Timothy WatsonUnconfirmed
Tom KaneYoda / Qui-Gon Jinn / Admiral Ackbar
Will BeckmanUnconfirmed
Willian RobertsUnconfirmed

Here's the current long list of Skywalker Saga voice actors you can expect to hear as you glide across the galaxy. The current list comes straight from the in-game credits. Character listings are mostly labelled as unconfirmed for now purely because the credits don't list which character(s) Skywalker Saga voice actors played.

Any of the Skywalker Saga voice actors who do have their characters listed aren't confirmed by the game itself, but do align with credits on the media database IMDB. A few Skywalker Saga voice actors listed on that page don't track on the in-game credits and have thus been omitted from the list above pending proper verification.

For now, the list you see is as complete as we can get it using in-game information prior launch. We'll update it as the Skywalker Saga voice actors make themselves know. We'll even then start listing where else you might have heard their work.


And that's about all there is to say about the Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga voice actors for now. If you like this sort of thing, check out our Cookie Run: Kingdom voice actors list, or even our Genshin Impact voice actors list to see if there's any crossover there. Those two games tend to interact a lot.

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