Legends of Runeterra: Deck Builder And Top Decks Guide

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Legends of Runeterra recently went into Open Beta on PC and Riot Games' take on the digital card game, with players wanting to give the game a spin and learn what the top decks and builds are.

The truth of it is self-evident but worth repeating: the most powerful decks are also the most unfair.

That carries over to Legends of Runeterra as well, as players are quickly grinding together the most ridiculous combos and overwhelming synergies they can to tackle in the new Ranked mode.


Don’t get caught with your proverbial pants down. Check out these three decks and learn how they work – or use them yourself to get an edge on the opposition!

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Bad Religion – Elise and Dawnspeakers (Swim)

Elise is a 2 cost Shadow Isles Champion card, known for its great synergy with Spider cards.

Key Cards:

  • Elise
  • Dawnspeaker
  • Rhasa the Sunderer

When is the best time for one of your cards to die? When their death only furthers your nefarious plans, of course.

The Elise-centric Shadow Isles/Demacia deck is based around a simple enough synergy: thanks to Dawnspeakers, the fact that your 1/1 spiderlings die to a proverbial sneeze works against your opponent, making them reluctant to block your critters for fear of making the survivors all the more powerful at the end of the round.


The same can be said for the rest of the deck’s core too. Everything’s either something your opponent doesn’t want to die, or it takes the choice out of their hands for your own advantage.

They won’t kill a spiderling or Cursed Keeper? Grab some cards off of them with Glimpse Beyond. Use Stirred Spirits to make your weakest units a battering ram. Rhasa the Sunderer is lurking in the wings too, waiting to turn any trade or kill spell against you into a deadly two-for-one.

Basically, if there’s a way to make interacting with your deck as unpleasant as possible – most of which are in Shadow Isles – expect some variant of Dawnspiders to be running it.


Touch of Death – Fiora and Barriers (Hewitt Benson)

Fiora is a 3 cost Noxus Champion card which upgrades upon killing two enemies.

Key Cards

  • Fiora
  • Shen
  • Judgment

Why slog your way through 20 health points and countless obstacles when you can just end the game immediately?

While the Fiora-centric Demacia/Ionia deck can win through conventional combat (its backup strategy is to basically make Greenglade Caretaker kill everything in front of it, including the opposing player), it also has a fairly simple one-turn-KO potential by combining Fiora with Judgment against a full stack of opposing enemies.


The fact that it basically uses every cost-efficient Barrier tool in the game’s current card pool to do so just makes it more annoying.

If you don’t have cheap damage tools to poke the shields off, it’s hard to trade favourably into Fiora’s backup act, forcing you to choose between sacrificing life points or giving up board position.


Nuclear Launch Detected – Commander Ledros and Atrocity (Action Jackson)

Commander Ledros is an 8 cost Shadow Isles follower card that has many obnoxious qualities.

Key Cards

  • Commander Ledros
  • Atrocity
  • Shadow Assassin

Why bother with all that messy combat business if you can just KO them? The basics of Action Jackson’s Atrocity Control deck is simple: if you can bring them down to 16 points, you can kill them with two cards.

Commander Ledros’s HP-halving ability combos nicely with Atrocity to seal the deal in two turns, while the rest of the deck is focused on keeping the enemy army as dead as possible so that you don’t die before the combo goes off.

Don’t be surprised if you see variants of this running Ghost as well. It’s cheaper than Atrocity, and giving Ledros Elusive can end the game just as conclusively.


Access to Ionian cards also means its control options don’t exist just in the form of kill cards either – Deny and Will of Ionia can respectively stop inconvenient spells in their tracks, or remove obstacles that can’t otherwise normally be killed.


While things do get inconvenient for this deck if the opponent is running a substantial amount of Lifesteal cards or healing, those tend to be unpopular and suboptimal against other strategies anyhow, as keeping yourself alive a bit longer is rarely the same as actually dealing with the threats in front of you. How’s that for unfair?

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Written ByJames Chen@Obscurica