Legends of Runeterra Beyond The Bandlewood Expansion: Release Date, Champions, New Cards, Keyword and Everything We Know

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Legends of Runeterra is a firm favourite among digital trading card games, bringing Riot's League of Legends franchise and universe into a whole new genre without skipping a beat.

The game's next update, Beyond The Bandlewood, will add a whopping 126 new cards – with nine new Champions included among them, as well as new Yordle-focused keywords.


Here's everything we know so far.

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Beyond The Bandlewood Expansion Release Date

Players can visit Bandle City from August 25th, meaning you don't have too long to wait.

Beyond The Bandlewood Expansion New Champions

We're still yet to see the cards, but we know a few Champions that'll be making the jump from League of Legends to Riot's card game.

Some returning Champions are getting new multi-region cards to allow for new strategies, including Teemo, Fizz, Lulu and Heimerdinger. Their cards remain the same, but they'll have new artwork and Bandle City as a fresh region.


As for new arrivals, we've got a few confirmed faces.

First up is Nami, who has the Attune keyword. Check out her cards below:

Image showing Nami's card from Legends of Runeterra, her levelled up card, and her Nami's Ebb spell card.

Then there's Sion, who comes from the Noxus Region. You can see his cards below:

Image showing Sion's cards in Legends of Runeterra, including his base and levelled cards, and a series of spells.

Another new arrival is Senna. You'll find her cards below.

Senna's cards from Legends of Runeterra showing her base and levelled cards, as well as her Dawning Shadow spells.

Veigar will arrive, as will Caitlyn, Tristana and Poppy. Check out their cards below:

Veigar's card from Legends of Runeterra, alongside his levelled up card and Event Horizon spell.
Caitlyn's card from Legends of Runeterra, alongside her levelled up card and Caitlyn's Piltover Peacemaker and Flashbomb Trap spells.

Image showing Tristana's cards in Legends of Runeterra, as well as her Tristana's Buster Shot spell.
Poppy's card from Legends of Runeterra, alongside her levelled up card and her Keeper's Verdict spell.

Beyond The Bandlewood Expansion New Cards

Aside from the revamped cards, we've seen a few new ones - including The Bandle Tree.


This five-cost Landmark creates a follower from a new region in hand at round start. Once you've summoned units from 10 regions, you win!

More cards will be revealed via Mobalytics and Dak.GG in the run-up to the expansion.

Beyond The Bandlewood Expansion Keyword

It appears this expansion is adding more than one keyword. The first to be revealed is 'Impact'. The description reads as follows:

"When this strikes while attacking, it deals 1 to the enemy Nexus. This keyword can stack."

There's also Manifest:

"Create in hand one of three randomly selected cards."

Beyond The Bandlewood Expansion Trailer

Check out the expansion's cinematic trailer below:

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