League of Legends: Your Shop Explained

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Perhaps more so than most other titles, League of Legends players love to take ownership of their favourite heroes.

With so many to choose from, Riot Games has introduced "Your Shop", a way to get specific discounts on items for your chosen Champions.

Here's how it works. 

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League of Legends: Your Shop Explained

If you logged into the LoL client and spotted a glowing icon next to the store, here's what it does.

Clicking that will offer up six different cosmetic options for you to purchase, based on your favourite Champions.

You may find a skin for 20% off, but you can also find discounts as high as 60%.

If you're fairly new to League of Legends and haven't settled on a character yet, then you'll be presented with six skin options for a variety of Champions. If you buy the skin for a Champion you don't own, you'll instantly unlock the corresponding Champion, too.

You'll need RP to buy items, which can be purchased from within the client.


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