Tyler1 Kicks Off League of Legends Mid Lane Challenge With A 10-6 Opening Day Record

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League of Legends streamer and challenge player Tyler1 is now on his new journey towards setting records and stuff – to achieve the Challenger rank by only using mid lane champions.

Tyler1's Road To Challenger Rank Using Mid Lane-Only Champions

By far, he is on a 10-6 record and is now on Silver 1 after playing 16 games. This is somehow a decent record actually, where he only used mid lane champions such as Ekko, Fizz, and Lissandra. But it can be improved though to satisfy him more.


His goal of achieving Challenger before the season ends by just using champions for one specific position isn’t impossible after all. Although for sure, this means he needs to play and win a LOT of games first – and by a lot, it would be thousands and even more.

Past Feats and Self Challenges

In the past, Tyler1, or Tyler Steinkamp in real life managed to reach the Challenger rank in a season by only using ADC, jungle, and most recently top lane champions. It took him at least 6 months or 2,000 plus games to achieve this feat with a challenge per season, but every bit of it was worth it. during those times.

Although this time, the mid lane position could be more complexed and technical compared to the past positions he played. Not just that most of the time he could be doing wave clear all by his own, he also needs to roam in the sidelanes to possibly provide early to mid-game advantage during fights and skirmishes.


This will require him to really adjust and explore different champions since the meta today is more focused on early snowballing and kills. A slow-paced setup may not really work well all the time.

Nothing Is Impossible, Or Is It?

But still, Tyler1 can be skilled on his own and can definitely adapt to various playstyles and gimmicks. We can all see it in his previous stints and achievements on his own. Playing multiple roles isn’t easy, and it is something a LOL player can be proud of – especially if you played that lone position all the way to the highest available rank in the game.

So, we can expect that there is a big chance that he may be able to do this challenge, and the Support role would be the only position he may play in this challenge for the coming seasons and years.


But if not since he is already losing a decent amount of games, then it may be the hardest challenge he would face in LOL.

Follow us as we will keep track of Tyler1’s challenge progress this season, as well as for more League of Legends news and stories!

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