Tyler 1 Reaches Gold In His League of Legends Mid Lane Only Challenge

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Tyler1 continues his mid lane-only champions quest to the Challenger rank in his League of Legends stream, with his most recent achievement of reaching Gold in the game.

From Silver To Gold

Two days ago, he reached Silver and ended up with a 10-6 record. But after his 10-5 record today while still using mid lane champions, the popular streamer has now conquered the Gold rank, specifically Gold II to call it a day.


His best champion so far is Irelia wherein he maintains a 100 percent win record upon using her. But despite a perfect record with her, Tyler1’s overall playstyle as a mid laner could still be improved, especially if he’s using other champions.

Tyler1's Road In The Mid Lane

As a mid laner, he also used champions like Fizz, Ekko, and Lissandra. Although his approach to these champions is somehow different in how he uses Irelia – he doesn’t roam that much compared to how he roams using his ‘favorite’ mid lane champion so far.

But then again this is still a long way for Tyler1, and we can all expect that a lot of games should still be ground to reach Challenger in League of Legends – unless he delivers a solid performance and eventually closes out with the win on almost all of his games, which is probably not going to happen anytime soon.


Will he make it to the top by only using mid lane champions? Follow us for more League of Legends news and updates!

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