League of Legends Players Argue Over Need For Overwatch-Style Anti-Cheating System

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For games that’ve been around for a good while and continue to evolve as they age, ups and downs in player satisfaction are almost guaranteed.

However, in the case of League of Legends, it seems as though many are enduring a particularly difficult time at the moment, with a high number of supposedly toxic players causing conflict between players fulfilling different roles and sparking debate over whether the game's current systems for dealing with cheating and griefing are good enough.

Both of these issues have recently formed topics for threads on the subreddit r/leagueoflegends, with players discussing their consequences.

League Players Are Discussing Cheating and an Ongoing Laner/Jungler War

Posting to begin the thread concerning supposed toxicity towards those fulfilling the jungler role from other players, user redditmademeregister shared the testimony of League streamer and professional player Broxah, who recently discussed the issue, identifying it as something unpleasant that won’t change until Riot Games develops a new punishment system.

The post attracted a litany of replies from junglers agreeing with Broxah’s assessment and sharing their own stories of negative experiences from recent games.

User Oatsee summed up the issue by saying: “I don't think I've ever played a game where there’s this many people with main character syndrome, and I wonder why that is. Like, why do so many people just default to blaming their teammates even when it's obvious that they misplayed?”

Meanwhile, user KarnFrostFang alluded to themselves and many other former junglers having moved away from the role due to the attitudes of other players towards them.

A short time later, user Stylahz posted to begin another thread, outlining the reasons they believe League should adopt a CSGO Overwatch-inspired feature that would allow players ranked platinum or above to review the gameplay VODs of others reported for supposedly toxic behaviour.

Reception to this proposal was lukewarm at best, with other users arguing over which cross-section of players, if any, would be best to offer verdicts on the gameplay.

Another issue would seemingly be the sheer number of reports the system would have to deal with, with user Matthias1410 saying of League players: “They report for no reason, and they can’t tell the difference between bad game/inting. In Counter Strike it's simple, it's either spinbot or wallhacker. In League it's much harder to tell.”

For now, it seems, players will just have to deal with things as they are, with solutions to these issues not being simple fixes.

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