League of Legends' Puzzle: Are You Smart Enough To Crack The Code?

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Cryptic messages in the gaming industry are nothing new. Epic Games does it all the time, and the community responds with equal enthusiasm.

Riot Games has taken a similar approach with regards to their community too. Starting June 21st, 4 PM BST, the community will have the chance to test their brains before the League Of Legends 11.13 update goes live.

The secret web puzzle!

For all you Sherlocks out there, there's a secret web puzzle that you'll come across on the Official League Of Legends website. You'll spot it if you look hard enough.

And it wouldn't be a secret if I told you where to look now, would it? That being said, the puzzle has already gone live at the time of writing this article.

But keep in mind, you have till June 22nd, 5 PM BST to solve this puzzle. Solve it and you'll be rewarded with interesting stuff.

No, we don't know what the rewards are, and even if we did, we're not allowed to tell you. Not yet at least.

We'll be updating this piece with the puzzle and the solution once the window closes. So if you're not able to solve the puzzle in the given time, you can always check back here for the answers.

Have fun solving the puzzle. May the force be with you!

[Update] The Solution

We know that solving a web puzzle can be challenging at times. It's okay if you haven't been able to solve it.

The secret puzzle gave us the first look at Akshan, the newest Lost Sentinel. He's tied to the Sentinels Of Light event that's all set to go live on July 8th.

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