T1 Terminates League of Legends Coaches Daeny And Zefa

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South Korean League of Legends team T1 has announced that they will be parting ways with two of their coaches, Daeny and Zefa, who just joined the team for seven months now.

T1’s Announcement

The announcement of the two being fired from the company was made official through their statement posted on their official Twitter account.


“We are making this change at this point in an effort to reinvigorate our team’s chances of success with eight games remaining.”

Currently sitting in fifth place, T1 holds a 5-5 record in the 2021 LCK Summer Split 2021 behind teams such as Gen.G, DWG Kia, Nongshim Redforce, and Afreeca Freecs. But even with a somehow fair and mid-level standing, T1 has decided to cut their ties with the two coaches, who were no stranger to world championships.

Daeny and Zefa’s Championship Run

Daeny or Yang Dae-in and Zefa or Lee Jae-min in real life became part of T1 this 2021 season. But before their stint with the team which was put to an end today, they first became known when they took part in the coaching staff of DAMWON Gaming from China who is the current and reigning League of Legends world champion who won last year.


Faker and T1’s Future

After their run with DAMWON, they were brought into T1 with the hopes of improving the team’s performance despite having a star player like Faker or Lee Sang-Hyeok in real life, who is arguably considered the greatest LOL player of all time.

T1 has already missed the Worlds for the third time. Their last appearance on the world stage was in 2019 where they lost to G2 Esports in the semifinals and eventually ended up as 3rd to 4th placers.

But now with their move to remove Daeny and Zefa from the picture, will their chances of securing a better spot compared to the past seasons be possible? Well, this could only be answered if the coaches’ replacements will be revealed, as well as how they could impact the team’s overall performance in games. With only eight games remaining, every match counts for every team since the differences in their standings are very close.


As of now, T1 is still quiet about who will be heading the coaching staff for Faker and the rest of the T1 squad. But should they announce who will be those, we assure you that we will tell you immediately once it happens.

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