Riot Show First Look At Upcoming Udyr Update Which Will Release Next Year

Riot Games have shown off the first look at the next champion to receive a Visual Game Update, where we get a preview of the new visual design, voice lines, and of course staying true to his original nature shifting stances in battle.

Earlier this year fans voted Udyr to be the next champion to receive a VGU, and the team has been hard at work in the early design phase to find ways that keep true to his nature, of a stance shifting battle shaman.

There are three main goals the development team is looking to accomplish with the rework.

  • Preserve Udyr's stance-shifting style, while still keeping him a melee/auto-attack-focused champion. Modernize his kit to feel a bit more interesting, giving his big hype moment an update so it's clear when he is doing something big.
  • Upgrade Udyr's visual model to be on the level of most of the current roster, while still keeping his warrior shaman theme.
  • Bring his story in-game closer to that in recent lore that ties him to the Freljord.

Riot Show First Look At Upcoming Udyr Update Which Will Release Next Year

The team explored many different attempts at a "Super Stance" for Udyr, where originally if a stance went unused, it would grow in power ultimately becoming a super version of that stance.

The version the team is working on currently, is Udyr can recast a stance he is in that will use the super version of the ability.

The team is currently exploring how far super stances should go, should it be a simple upgrade to the ability or offer something a little different.

The team is still in the early design phase, and things are subject to change and likely will. although there seems to be a strong direction the team wishes to go in.

You can read more about the VGU including more on the new art design and voice lines in the blog post by Riot Games here.

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