Riot Reveals New Sentinel And Ruined Skins As Patch 11.14 Content

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UPDATE: The official Sentinels of Light cinematic short has now been released by Riot, as well as the official gameplay animations for the Sentinel and Ruined skins in patch 11.14.

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New skins were revealed by Riot Games on the official League of Legends Twitter account which showed the Sentinel skins for five champions, as well a Ruined skin for Pantheon which might be arriving in patch 11.14.


New Skins Revealed

The Sentinel skins posted on the official Twitter account of the game were presented for champions namely Irelia, Diana, Vayne, Riven, and Olaf. You may check out those below:

On the other hand, a Ruined skin for Pantheon was also revealed by Riot which followed the barrage of Sentinel skins.

You may also want to take a look at the animations of the newly revealed skins by checking out the video below.


New Images Revealed

Riot has also unveiled new images of the Sentinel and Ruined skins yesterday. You can check out those below:


Also, the prestige skin for Pantheon was also revealed along with the turnaround images of the featured skins.

Prestige Edition Skins Unveiled

Additionally, Riot has also released the Prestige Edition skins for the rest of 2021 through an image posted on Twitter.

Also, the PROJECT: Zed Prestige Edition skin is now live, and players may already use their prestige points to get it.


UPDATE: More Sentinel And Ruined Skins Revealed by Riot Games

Also in the official Twitter account of League of Legends, a bunch of new Sentinel skins for champions such as Rengar, Pyke, and Graves were revealed, as well as the new Ruined skin for Miss Fortune and the Unbound skin for Thresh.

Here's a glimpse of how these new skins would eventually look in-game:


Sentinels of Light Skins

With update 11.14 now being live, League of Legends has released the official skin animations and gameplay appearances of the new Sentinel and Ruined skins along with the debut of the new Ultimate Spellbook game mode.

A cinematic short was also released by Riot Games in line with update 11.14 which depicts the story of the Ruination and Sentinels of Light.


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