Riot will Focus on More Human Champions for Future League of Legends Updates

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If you like your League of Legends champions human, you’re in luck.

While the next LoL champion will be a creature, Riot developer Reav3 posted a lengthy blog on the process of developing new League of Legends champions and why the team will lean more heavily into human, or human-ish, champions for the most part.


Two main reasons guide the League of Legends champion design process.

One is representation.

Riot wants to increase League of Legends’ representation, and it’s easier to do that through human characters people can identify with instead of monsters and animals.

“ Runeterra isn’t Earth—so our goal isn’t to make champs that perfectly reflect real world locations—we have made a stronger effort to make champions inspired by regions everywhere,” Reav3 said.


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Riot will Focus on More Human Champions for Future League of Legends Updates

They continued:

“We want all players to be able to see themselves in the games they play, and League champs are no exception,”


The other reason is because people tend to prefer human champions anyway.

Reav3 said more players select human champions worldwide than they do monsters or animals, and the numbers go even higher when that human champion reflects a popular theme in a given region, e.g. punk in the West.

Riot is also splitting how it thinks of champions moving forward, with three categories instead of two:

  • Human: any champion that is mostly human or very close to it, like Lucian, Senna, Yone, Pyke, and Jhin
  • Humanoid: any champion that is half human or close, like Lillia, Urgot, Renekton, Aatrox, yordles
  • Creature: any champion that doesn’t resemble a human at all, like Rek’Sai, Vel’Koz, Yuumi, Aurelion

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[Source: League of Legends]