Riot Games Signs Former Netflix Executive, 'Riot Universe' Now Possible

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Riot Games are looking to venture more into the entertainment industry, after signing a former Netflix executive for a possible ‘Riot Games universe’ show expansion.

As reported by IGN, Brian Wright, who previously worked for the subscription-based service and helped bring shows such as Stranger Things and 13 Reasons Why to the platform, was signed by Riot Games as their Chief Content Officer.


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Riot For Some Netflix-Level Shows

Riot also mentioned that Wright works to “bridge the relationship between gaming and entertainment industries.” With this move, a possibility for their entertainment universe could be on its way, and one of their debut projects for this is Arcane, the animated series coming to Netflix this year. That features a storyline of some League of Legends champions, such as Jinx and Vi.


Also, a mockumentary about a fictional LOL eSports team is reportedly in the works. Titled PLAYERS, it'll be headed by Riot Games and the creators of American Vandal, which is being released by Paramount+.

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