Riot Games Announces Virtual Heavy Metal Concert in September

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Credit: Image via Riot Games Music

Riot Games Music recently announced a virtual Heavy Metal concert featuring a renowned band from League of Legends, Pentakill.

This concert also features two other partnerships for Riot Games. These partnerships involve Wave and The Mill.


Moving on to the concert, Riot Games Music is set to bring forward "exciting developments" in the Pentakill universe. According to the official release, the virtual concert will "set the stage for a full-on journey through the secret lore of Pentakill".

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Here's everything you need to know about the concert.

When is the virtual Pentakill concert?

Riot Games Music has confirmed that the concert will premiere on Wednesday, 8th September at 9 PM BST.


Where to watch the virtual Pentakill concert?

The entire concert will premiere on Wave's platform. Fans will need to log in to Wave's portal to watch the virtual concert when the premiere begins. Players will also be able to interact inside the portal once the concert begins.

Apart from this, the live coverage of the concert will also be available on Twitch and YouTube.

Story of the virtual Pentakill concert

Riot Games has provided a fairly elaborate description of what fans can expect from the upcoming virtual concert. The official statement from Riot Games Music's Toa Dunn states,


"We're excited to continue to push the envelope in music and storytelling with Pentakill,"

He further went on to state how Riot Games Music is trying to showcase the future of virtual entertainment experiences. Needless to say, if things go according to plan, League of Legends fans are in for a treat with this upcoming performance of Pentakill.