Riot Devs Confirm Severe Penalties in LOL for AFKers

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Credit: Image via Riot Games

The problem of players leaving games midway or simply being AFK has been a major headache in most multiplayer games. Developers have continuously tried to come up with innovative solutions to address this issue in online games.

Ranging from DOTA 2's Conduct Summary score to CS:GO's Overwatch system, developers have taken countless measures to prevent AFKing in multiplayer games. However, despite all these efforts, the problem with AFK players has persisted over the years.


Having said that, Riot Games recently announced a new approach for reducing the number of AFK players in League of Legends.

Let's dive in and take a look at the announced changes.

New Penalty System for AFKing in LOL

Riot Games' latest dev update for LOL revealed that on top of the already implemented Queue Delays, four new tiers of behavior will be introduced for Queue Lockout.

Queue Lockout is a new feature that will be implemented very soon in LOL. This feature will prevent players from queueing for MOBA games in LOL for the entire duration of their lockout.

This image depicts a pie graph that shows the percentage of AFK players in League of Legends.
Credit: Image via Riot Games)
The current tier-system in LOL for AFK and Leavers

Here's the list of tier as well as punishment timers as revealed by Riot Games,

Tier Queue Lockout Queue Delay
1None5 minutes for 5 games
2None10 minutes for 10 games
3None15 mintues for 15 games
4 (New)1 day15 mintues for 15 games
5 (New)3 days15 mintues for 15 games
6 (New)7 days15 mintues for 15 games
7 (New)14 days15 mintues for 15 games

Once the Queue Lockout phase has passed, players will face the maximum tier Queue Delay as punishment.

Developer's message

The official statement from the developers states,

"When we issue a Queue Lockout, we're not saying "hey, doesn't it suck to have your time wasted?" We're removing the player from the population for a while so they can't continue to AFK in games. Once a queue lockout does expire, it's followed by the maximum-level queue delay so we can still maintain the benefits of behavior modification and players who take a break don’t get to sit out their entire punishment. Queue Lockouts apply to all MOBA queues."

Having said that, players should also note that players who are placed at a higher tier right now will be reset to Tier 3. This will be done to provide everyone with a chance to reform before the Queue Lockouts are implemented in LOL.


As of now, there has been no reveal about when these penalty changes will be implemented in League of Legends. It is safe to say that the entire system is currently being tested by the developers to make sure it is ready to be implemented.

Other Changes

Apart from the changes to the Penalty System, the developers also revealed three other areas that they are working on for future updates. These topics are:

  • Not enough ability to come back from behind
  • Inability to deal with other disruptive behavior in game
  • Connectivity challenges

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