LOL: How to link League of Legends to Facebook

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Before, online games allow players to sign into the game using their email or any associated accounts inclined with the game developers such as the Riot account for Riot Games. But now, you may also use your own Facebook account to sign in and link it to a game that allows you to do so, and an example of this is League of Legends (LoL).

So, we will dive deeper into this guide to know how you can link League of Legends to your Facebook account.

How to Link League of Legends to Facebook


You need to open first your LoL game in-client. Then head towards the upper right corner of the screen and look for the Add Friend option.

After selecting that option, choose Social Network and once you clicked it, you will be asked to continue by linking your LoL account to your Facebook account.

Once you have approved of it, you may now see all of your Facebook friends who also linked their accounts to the game. Easy peasy.

Benefits of Linking League of Legends to your Facebook Account

It will be easier for you and your Facebook friends to look for each other and connect in LoL if your Facebook account is linked to the game.

When your Facebook friend who also plays LoL would want to find you in the game but doesn’t know your username, then he or she may search for your Facebook name instead and vice versa.

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