LOL Esports Manager: Everything We Know So Far

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The first look for LOL Esports Manager has now been released by Riot Games which is the latest follow-up for the game that was first announced way back in 2019. Here, you can create and set up your own esports organization – something a real-life LOL Esports Manager primarily does.

Latest News

September 4, 2021 – Riot has unveiled their first trailer for LOL Esports Manager, as seen on the official Twitter account of the League of Legends Pro League (LPL). It showcased some of the gameplay mechanics players can get a hold of once released, such as in-game simulations.


LOL Esports Manager Trailer

Here’s the teaser Riot released:

LOL Esports Manager Release Date

At this time, there's no confirmed release date for the game. The trailer didn't reveal those details, though it was rumoured back in 2019 that a 2020 release was possible - which ultimately didn't manifest. We will keep you posted about this once we know.


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LOL Esports Manager Rumours

One of LOL Esports Manager's biggest rumours circulated in 2019 upon announcement. As reported by DOT Esports, this will most likely be a gacha game because of its character variations and tiers presented, when it was announced that players can get a random super super rare (SSR) token upon reaching 12 million registered users.

This is not confirmed in the trailer, but the players were illustrated in card-like images so this is still something feasible.


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