LEC Week 8: Results, Standings, And More!

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Week 8 of the LEC Summer Split 2021 preliminaries has now ended, and only one team was proclaimed in the number one spot after all the prelims matches are now done.

LCS Week 8 Results

Here are all the matches and results of LEC week 8.
Note: All of these matches were best of 1.


July 31:
Vitality def. Schalke 04
Astralis def. SK Gaming
Rogue def. EXCEL Esports
G2 Esports def. MAD Lions
Misfits Gaming def. Fnatic

August 1:
Misfits Gaming def. SK Gaming
EXCEL Esports def. Astralis
Vitality def. Rogue
G2 Esports def. Schalke 04
MAD Lions def. Fnatic

August 2:
Rogue def. SK Gaming
Vitality def. Astralis
Fnatic def. Schalke o4
MAD Lions def. Misfits Gaming
G2 Esports def. EXCEL Esports

LEC Standings After Week 6

You may go to our LEC Standings story which we update every week to know all the teams’ current win-loss record, as well as their placement in the tournament.

How To Watch LEC Summer Split 2021

You can tune in to the official Twitch or YouTube channel of LEC 2021, or on Riot’s esports website.


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