LoL Wild Rift 2.2 Patch Notes: Release Date, Skins, Champions, Update Time And Everything You Need To Know For League of Legends

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Wild Rift's latest patch, 2.2, has finally been revealed.

It'll add five new champions, refresh the game's store items with new art, add new items, 120Hz support for capable devices and plenty more.

Perhaps the biggest addition, though, is a free and premium Wild Pass which will offer rewards. Here's everything we know.

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Release Date

The update will arrive on March 30 at 1 AM UTC.

Update 2.2 Patch Notes

New Champions:

  • Galio - April 1
  • Rammus - April 22
  • Kha'Zix - May 6
  • Rengar - May 6
  • Renekton - May 12

Icon Changes

We’re updating the icons in-game to match the new icons in League PC!

New Items

  • Adding new options for tank players
  • Frozen Heart reduces nearby enemies’ attack speed
  • Force of Nature gives stacking movement speed and magic resist
  • Sunfire Aegis gives AoE damage and ability haste
  • Sheen no longer builds out of Sapphire Crystal
  • Sapphire Crystal now has the Mana Charge passive, so you can start stacking Tear of the Goddess items sooner

Other New Additions

  • Attack frame adjustment
  • Ghost rework
  • 120Hz support for high-end phones
  • New pings (enemy missing, group, warded)
  • Tuning button “dead zones”
  • Show champ names (or no names)

Position Preference 

Players will now be able to request their preference of position when starting a match.

So you can opt for solo, mid, duo, jungle or support. It's not guaranteed, but it's better than the current system of in-game messages.

Wild Pass


As per Riot:

A lot of F2P mobile monetization is bad. Wild Rift does not rely on tropes like energy systems, wait timers, or predatory grinds. We don’t throw a bunch of popups at you to buy stuff.

All champs are earnable, and we give away a lot of them through events, early leveling, and other special occasions. If you see something you love, let us know. If you see something you hate, call us on it.

As for what's included, it appears players will earn a series of XP boosters, skins, and more. It'll be interesting to see if Champions are tied to the Wild Pass.


Wild Rift is getting its first exclusive set of Skins – the Stargazer set.

The Stargazers are godlike archivists who can see and influence fate by studying the stars.

Joining the roster are Camille, Twisted Fate, and Soraka, and we’ll be running a small in-game event to celebrate the launch.



The next big event is Masters of the Hunt, and will kick off in May.

The event will throw you in the ancient rivalry between Kha’Zix and Rengar to determine who is predator and who is prey. We’re also introducing a new gameplay system called Nemesis Duel specifically for this event.


Finally, as promised, ARAM will come to Wild Rift. 'All random, all mid' will be in testing in Patch 2.2.

As per Riot:

  • One lane, random champ, all teamfights!
  • ~12 minute games
  • New summoner spell (Mark/Dash)
  • Reroll your champ if you don’t like ‘em
  • No ARAM loadouts or balance yet
  • Start of April: 3 day test
  • Middle of April: 1 month test
  • Will return later in the year