League of Legends vs Wild Rift: What Are The Differences?

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League Of Legends has finally come to mobile with Wild Rift, and it offers a fantastic MOBA experience on the go.

Longtime League fans will no doubt want to get their fix in while out and about, but there are plenty of differences between PC League of Legends and Wild Rift. From controls to healing plants, to major item changes, here are all the changes.


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League of Legends vs Wild Rift: What Are The Differences?

Aside from obvious changes like touch controls, there's a lot to learn about each game if you're coming at it from either the PC version or Wild Rift.

Map Changes

Riot has smartly opted to ensure that Wild Rift matches are shorter than their PC counterparts, and to do so they've made the map a bit smaller.


There's also no shielding on turrets to speed things up, and Wards need to be captured by standing in their vicinity.

Healing Plants

In an effort to help players stay in the fight longer, there are healing plants that can be struck to drop health pickups. There are two on each lane, and they respawn after a period of time.

Control Stick

One of the biggest adjustments when looking at League of Legends vs Wild Rift is in the control scheme. Rather than tapping to send your Champion around the map, players use a control stick - making the game feel more console-like.


There's also the option to aim at a specific enemy by dragging your right thumb from an ability to highlight a specific target.

When both combine, it's impressively intuitive.

Champion Count

Wild Rift has around 60 playable Champions, with the PC version having over 150. That's a sizeable gap, but Riot is continuing to add Champions regularly.

If your favourite hasn't made the cut, fear not - they're being added in waves.

Items and Runes

Items are decreased in number, and while Boots can be swapped out for one of six active items, there are no other active options for items - they're all passive, offering buffs.


Runes are also preset, setting up an easy-to-follow path through four total runes.


Skins remain a huge part of Wild Rift, but your accrued skins won't carry over from League of Legends on PC - so be prepared to start your collection again.