League of Legends: What Is Tilt?

Sometimes, emotions can get a hold of you in League of Legends.

Why? Of course, there may be times that you would get frustrated when you are losing and not performing well enough to win. And with that, you might have heard of the term tilt.

But what exactly does it mean? Keep reading to find out more.

What Is Tilt In League of Legends?

Tilt in League of Legends happens when you are on the losing side.

It is when a frustrated player keeps on playing but gets worse over the course of time in the game.

It can cause too much rage from the player that is being tilted which can also affect the performance of his or her teammates.

It can also decrease his or her skill level temporarily, and for sure the titled player’s MMR could go lower than usual.

So, don’t let yourself be tilted in games of League of Legends. There could be consequences if it happens though.

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