What Is The Connection Between Akshan And Viego In LoL

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Akshan is the newest champion to be introduced in League of Legends and according to the developers, the Sentinel of Light has a distinct connection with the Ruined King, Viego.

According to the official statement of the developers, Akshan and Viego are literally the two sides of the same coin. This is further explained when various comparisons are drawn between the two characters. However, the only difference between the two is apparently "the choices they made throughout their lives."


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The connection between Akshan and Viego

Here's what Akshan's official Champion Insights has to say regarding his connection with Viego,

"Viego was a spoiled prince who viewed a woman as his. Akshan was a street kid beaten to death—literally—for standing up for what was right. Viego murdered thousands when he refused to put his grief and selfishness aside. Akshan trained as a Sentinel of Light to defend those who can’t defend themselves. Viego wants to destroy the world, and Akshan must save it."

Developers note for Akshan's connection with Viego

Given that League of Legends is a MOBA and not a visual story, the developers revealed that the main challenge for them was to capture and portray the differences and similarities between the two characters in-game. For the very same reason, Akshan's resurrection mechanic was designed to make him his strongest self when facing off against "an incredibly dominating opponent."


Needless to say, Viego fits the description perfectly as he is very well equipped to decimate multiple enemy champions swiftly. It is in these moments that Akshan is at his strongest, bringing back his allies to life with his resurrection mechanic.

What makes Akshan different from Viego

Akshan features a natural intent for going after the bad guys, for which his reward is the ability to bring back his dead allies to life. Viego on the other hand is capable of destroying and placing curses on everything and everyone.

Having said that, despite their similarities, Akshan and Viego represent extremely varied characters. While one is supposed to be the symbolism of light, the other is the personification of a devious and spoiled prince.


Akshan and Viego's involvement in Rise of the Sentinels

Rise of the Sentinels, the new in-game story experience is set to release on July 8th in League of Legends. This story experience is supposed to provide players with an in-depth experience of the world of Runeterra. Additionally, Riot has also confirmed that this custom story experience will feature Viego as the enemy of a "rookie member of the Sentinels."

This goes to show that Viego is indeed involved with the Sentinels and now that they are finally rising with the introduction of Akshan, the weekly chapters for the story-experience will definitely present a deeper connection between Akshan and Viego.

However, until and unless these weekly chapters are released, speculating on Viego and Akshan's connection in the world of Runeterra is extremely difficult and almost futile.


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