League of Legends: What Is Ragequit?

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Whenever you play online competitive games, expect that you can’t win all the time.

But some players, especially in Riot Games’ League of Legends may tend to ‘ragequit’ during games. As the meaning is already given through the words, this term has been informally used by some players especially if they are on the losing side.


But keep reading as we dive deeper about ragequit in League of Legends.

What Is Ragequit In League of Legends?

Ragequit pertains to someone who would leave in the middle of a game in League of Legends out of frustration.

This could happen to anyone actually, especially if he or she is already not in the mood before they enter the game – which could manifest in-game.


Or this can also happen unexpectedly. A player who performs well may ragequit if another teammate of him or her might show their lack of skills during the game.

So, it is best to always keep your temper cool and settled in every game. Losing in a game or in a match is part of the process anyway.

But still, it’s up to each and every player how they can handle the outcome of every game or match. Hope they don’t end up ragequitting though.

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