League of Legends: What Is KS?

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Whenever you hear or see the term KS in League of Legends, it may pertain to an encounter with the enemy most of the time.

Yet it is not just an ordinary encounter or engagement with them – it’s about kills. And it’s about kills which involve at least 2 members of the same team.


But what does KS exactly mean in League of Legends? Keep reading to know more.

What Is KS In League of Legends?

In League of Legends, KS means ‘kill steal. ‘It is the act of stealing a possible kill from a teammate’s champion.

This happens most of the time if an enemy champion with a lowered or close-to-death health which was originally damaged by a teammate will be killed and finished off by another teammate.


By doing so, the one who stole the kill would also get the gold from killing the enemy champion aside from being the one who will be credited for the kill.

For some, doing a KS is some sort of an unsportsmanlike act. Although this may happen on a case-to-case basis since doing it can be planned especially if a certain teammate needs enough gold to buy an item faster.

You may also hear the term in other games especially in the MOBA genre where you can see upright the health of the enemies.

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