League of Legends: What Is Kite?

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There are so many aspects in League of Legends that can actually lead you to the way towards victory.

And one of those is kite or kiting which may be hard to master. But once you already know how to utilize it, then for sure your accuracy level would just go to a higher level.


Keep reading to know what is kite in League of Legends.

What Is Kite In League of Legends?

Kite or kiting in League of Legends is an auto-attack mechanic players can use in League of Legends.

It works by chasing your enemies along with some damage that you can inflict, though it can only happen if you get to cancel the attack animations.


You need to know when you will be able to move after the attack animation. So, if you want to master kiting, then you should become familiar with the attack animations of the champions you often use in the game.

Because in that very small matter of time, it can actually create a big difference – something that could actually give you the win.

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