League of Legends: What Is Int?

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Int? That’s unusual. But that is actually a term being used by players in League of Legends.

And it is just a shortened term for something which can be considered as a ‘no-no’ in the game. Doing it can really cause some problems.


But we’re here to enlighten you on what does it mean. Here’s everything you need to know about int in League of Legends

What Is Int In League of Legends?

Int is short for intentional feeding in League of Legends.

And it’s considered taboo in the game. Intentional feeding is the act of a player to intentionally show no competitive spirit as a way for the opponents to get easy kills as much as possible.


This can be tracked by reporting though. And once the system verifies that it is indeed int or intentional feeding, then penalties would surely be rewarded to those intentional feeders.

So, just always do your best every time you hit the Summoner’s Rift.

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