League of Legends: What Is FOTM?

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In League of Legends, you might have come across the term FOTM.

Well as obvious as it is, it definitely is an acronym. And even it may not be a technical term being used in the game, knowing what it means can provide you some additional knowledge.


With that being said, here’s everything you need to know about what FOTM means in League of Legends.

What Is FOTM In League of Legends?

FOTM is short for ‘Flavor of the Month’ in League of Legends.

It pertains to a champion becomes a popular pick amongst players. It may be because of an eventual revamp or buff, or a new champion who would already make an impact once it arrives in the game.


This may vary though, depending on the ELO or MMR range for all players. Yet most of the time, those who are in the high ones may be considered as the meta in the game.

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