League of Legends: What Is Dive?

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In League of Legends, some players also use the term ‘dive.’

And whenever you would hear or see that term being used during a match, then it should involve some champions placed in some sort of a specific spot on the map.


But do you know where it is? Keep reading as we dive deeper about dive in League of Legends.

What Is Dive In League of Legends?

Dive in League of Legends refers to the act of a player using his or her champion to continue attacking an enemy champion beneath their turret.

Others also call this a tower dive wherein they will pursue the enemy champion to eventually land a kill in the most possible way.


Most champions used to do this are those with abilities and skills that may enable dash. It can be used both for offensive and defensive purposes.

So, whenever you would hear this term again, expect some action-packed thriller that may be included in the game highlights.

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