League of Legends: What Is Clown Fiesta?

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Players must always take a game seriously in League of Legends.

But if they feel that they just want to have one and troll one another (their team or even the other one), then maybe they are having the time of their lives in the Summoner’s Rift, called clown fiesta.


Or actually even if they’re serious as well but no one gets to have a chance to play properly, then it may be that, too.

Keep reading and we’ll tell you more about clown fiesta in League of Legends.

What Is Clown Fiesta In League of Legends?

Clown fiesta pertains to a fight in League of Legends where neither of the teams are taking the game seriously.

They can do it purposely, or even not. And for those who are serious but can be classified as having a clown fiesta, then their knowledge of the game could be not that high so far.

So, if ever you would have a chance to watch games wherein it’s more of a trolling that’s happening around, then they must be having a clown fiesta.

It’s still a feast though, but not a serious one.


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