League of Legends: Marauders vs Wardens Skins - Release Date, Price And Screenshots Of New Kalista, Kled, Gragas And Quinn Skin

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League of Legends has quickly shown off a flurry of new skins in their latest social post.

Straight from the PBE, the new set features four champions as part of the Marauders vs Wardens set.


The lucky champions include Kalista, Kled, Gragas and Quinn.

While some fans are disappointed their favourite champions didn't get a skin in 2020, confirmed by the latest 10.25 update, these skins are certainly beautiful to look at.

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Release Date

It's unknown when these Marauder Skins will go live in the full game, but they are available on the PBE.


As 10.25 was the last scheduled 2020 update, we can expect these skins to be added in update 10.26 - likely to arrive in early 2021.


Currently, there are four skins in the Marauder Skin-set - Alistar, Olaf, Ashe and Warwick.

There are also four skins in the Wardens Skin-set - Jax, Karma, Nautilus and Sivir.


These are all priced at 750 RP. We can expect the new skins to fetch for a similar price.

New Marauder And Wardens Skins

Marauder Kalista


This is Kalista's first skin since her launch in 2014

Marauder Kled

Similarly, this is Kled's first skin since launch in 2016


Warden Gragas

Gragas will get his seventh skin with his new Warden style

Warden Quinn


Quinn has only had one new skin since her launch in 2013