League of Legends Update 11.19 May Nerf Several Champions Before Worlds 2021

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League of Legends patch 11.18 was released last week, implementing several changes that are now live in the game.

But, as early as it may seem, there's news for the upcoming update. 11.19, primarily about the possible champion nerfs and buffs. As tweeted by LOL's lead game designer, Jeevun "Jag" Sidhu, the next champions to be nerfed in the latest update will be Kennen, Ryze, Sona, Soraka, and Varus.


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League of Legends Patch 11.19 Possible Champion Changes

As it stands, Sona would be the most affected, since she became a top meta support after the last update, thanks to some major buffs and reworks done across her skills. She has currently a 54.5 percent win rate in the Platinum and higher ranks (as per champion.gg).


Nerf Before Worlds

These nerfs will be applied before the League of Legends World Championship, which takes place beginning October 5, 2021. As such, competing teams will likely adjust their possible line-ups before the tournament, as there might be some impact to their current strategies.

Notably, Varus was one of the most picked marksman champions in various League tournaments. He was chosen by notable ADC carries such as Ghost from DWG KIA, GALA from RNG, and FBI from 100 Thieves.

Though nothing is still certain for now, every LOL player should prepare for changes every now and then. Make sure to follow us for more LOL news and updates.