Was League of Legends Better When Teemo Was the Most Hated Champion?

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Artwork of a Teemo in League of Legends.

Having come out all the way back in 2009, League of Legends has gone through a lot of phases, but now a Reddit user is arguing that the game peaked when everyone banded together in their hatred of an adorable forest animal.

“Everyone was happy and everyone can agree that (when) teemo was the most hated champ was the most healthiest this game ever been,” explains user scorpioboy619.

“It was even socially acceptable to hate Teemo as well, he was the villain of league.'' continues scorpioboy, finishing with the emphatic line: “It ain't the same no more.”

League of Legends Player Argues Teemo Was Best Hateable Champion

Reception to scorpioboy’s argument was mixed, with some players agreeing that they shared in the hatred of Teemo, with user DatTrackGuy saying: “something new players don't understand is that picking Teemo was legit trolling” and power602 explaining: “I hate teemo in arams so much that I saw the enemy team try to walk through the mushroom minefield and getting annihilated by it and I was getting annoyed...even though teemo was on my side. I hate it even when it helps me.”

Other users identified more modern annoyances that have taken precedence over Teemo, such as NagoyaR, who revealed: “I can't even remember when i played the last normal game (not aram) where i was annoyed at Teemo. It's all the other champs and their overloaded kits.”

User WSHCaps819 has also had a different champion take over as their most hated, saying: “Akshan is a plague of a champion. Every time I see that swing animation it’s Alt+F4.”

Some players seem to have lost the strength to hate individual champions, with the top comment in the thread reading: “I can't even decide what champ to hate anymore so I just hate myself everytime I click on that League of Legends icon to start the game.”

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