League of Legends Streamer Tyler1 Reaches Challenger Rank By Only Using Top Lane Champions

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Known League of Legends (LoL) streamer and content creator Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp became successful in his goal of achieving the Challenger rank in the game which is the highest possible rank in LoL. But he did it with an extra factor and only played the top position of all of his games to reach it.

Tyler1 achieved this feat after he won the last game he played as a Grandmaster, sending his points to 645 to qualify as a Challenger. It took him eight months to successfully reach this rank using top lane champions, and he is now included in the top 300 ranked players of the North American server.


Tyler1’s One Role Challenge Through Different Seasons In League of Legends

But the streamer isn’t a stranger in using a single position for a season though.

In season 10, Tyler1 played the jungle role for the first time in his streaming career. According to him, his journey to be a Challenger in that season took him six months to achieve. Also, he reached the highest rank in the past seasons by using ADC champions which he is most known for.


As for his future plans, he is targeting to use only mid-lane champions next season. If he becomes successful in doing so, then the support role would remain the last one to do to complete the honor of reaching Challenger by using all roles in different seasons. What a feat!

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