League of Legends: Seraphine Build (Update 10.25), Abilities, Items, Runes, Counters, Tips And Tricks Guide

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Seraphine is the starry-eyed songstress from Piltover.

The music lover has everything you need to be a strong and reliable support player.


While this mage can be a scary mid-laner, she excels in the support role.

With the recent 10.25 changes, she's become even stronger!

Let's take a look at the best build and how to use her properly.

What Changed In The 10.25 Update?

  • Stats:
    • HP per level increased to 90 from 80
  • Surround Sound (W):
    • This ability now grants Seraphine [90 – 180 (according to level) (+45% AP)] shield

Seraphine Abilities And Tactics


  • Passive - Stage Presence: Every third basic spell will cast twice from Seraphine. Additionally, casting spells near allies grants her bonus magic damage and range on her next basic attack.
  • Q - High Note: Seraphine deals damage in an area.
  • W - Surround Sound: Seraphine Shields and Hastes nearby allies. If she is already Shielded she will Heal nearby allies as well.
  • E - Beat Drop: Seraphine deals damage and impairs the movement of enemies in a line.
  • R - Encore: Seraphine deals damage and charms enemies hit, refreshing the range with every allied or enemy champion hit.

I would recommend taking 'Beat Drop' first and move into 'High Note', followed by 'Surround Sound'. This is due to Beat Drop's rooting potential.

You really want to upgrade 'Beat Drop' as much as possible as it has a great range and can quickly turn the tide of a fight.

This ability can also be buffered, so you can flash into an opponent to make it harder to dodge.


With Seraphine, you'll want to bully your bot lane whenever possible.


You can really utilise her to your benefit even if you're behind.

Use your ability 'High Note' to repeatedly poke your opponents, synergising with your passive 'Stage Presence' to push back enemies and keep them clear of minions.

It's also great to throw down on enemies that are pushing you back under the tower and alleviate some pressure on your Marksman.

If you're looking to engage on an opponent, be sure to stack up two abilities on your passive. For your third, use 'Beat Drop' to slow and root your opponent to give you a window of opportunity to strike.

It's important to dish out a regular amount of ability attacks to ensure you stack 'Notes' (part of your passive) to gain bonus magic damage and additional range on your next basic attack.

In team fights, you'll want to engage on a cluster of enemies so you can activate 'Encore' to charm enemies. This ability can reset and extend its range if it hits multiple targets.

Be sure to use 'Surround Sound' to shield and heal your allies in fights.


Seraphine is not very strong when roaming solo, so be sure to stick with your team.

Seraphine Build

Starter Items

  • Spellthief's Edge (buy from the start)
  • Refillable Potion (buy from the start)
  • Stealth Ward (buy from the start)
  • Bandleglass Mirror or Kindelgem (buy first back)
  • Boots (buy first or second back)

Seraphine is a bit of a spam happy champion and using Spellthief's Edge will help you make the most of it.

You'll get a small kickback of 20 gold for hitting enemies with abilities or attacks every 30 seconds (up to 3 times).


It's also going to give you a much better base mana regen to health you keep the abilities up.

Depending on how your lane is going upon the first back, you should go for Bandleglass if you're doing well or Kindelgem if you're struggling.

Mid-Game Items

  • Ionian Boots of Lucidity
  • Moonstone Renewer (first item)
  • Ardent Censer (second item)
  • Staff Of Flowing Water (third item)

You'll like want to your boots in early so you can turn up the ability spam a notch.

These items are going to really improve your team fighting capabilities with minimal effort on your part, as they're all mainly activated by shielding your team.

Running the Moonstone Renewer is going to keep your Mana topped up, whilst giving you extra health and even a bit of damage on to enemy champions.


It's also great because you can spam abilities and generate healing effects on your allies.

Ardent Censer is going to boost your abilities and shield effects. But not only that, it will grant nearby allies an increase in attack speed; which is great for Marksmen in team fights.

Staff Of Flowing Water will also grant you and your ally movement speed, which is great for moving about and repositioning in team fights.

As the support, you should always prioritise buying control wards to keep vision on the map and protect your Marksman.

Final Items

  • Ryial's Crystal Scepter (if you need more damage)
  • Banshee's Veil (if the other team has a lot of magic damage)
  • Morellonomicon (if you need more damage and health)
  • Cosmic Drive (if your team lacks mobility)
  • Redemption (if your team lacks range in team fights)
  • Knight's Vow (if your Marksman lacks escapes/mobility and is being focused in fights)
  • Zhonya's Hourglass (if you are the main source of engaging on your team)

Your final item builds are going to be very situational depending on how the game is going, what you need and what the team build is looking like.

For Seraphine, I would say Banshee's Veil, Knight's Vow and Redemption are all fantastic, all-round, choices for final items.

These provide you with damage, health and resistance while also helping your allies at the same time.

Seraphine Runes


  • Summon Aery
  • Manaflow Band
  • Transcendence
  • Scorch


  • Biscuit Delivery
  • Cosmic Insight


  • Offence: + 9 Adaptive Force
  • Flex: + 9 Adaptive Force
  • Defence: +6 Armor

Seraphine Spells

  • Flash
  • Ignite

A lot of bot lanes will run heal and Ignite will counter this, while Flash is mandatory for quick escapes.

If you run into champions that can engage on you early on and snowball (Yasuo or Tristana) try taking Exhaust.


You can also run Barrier as Seraphine lacks mobility and escapes.

Seraphine Counters

Seraphine's top 5 counters are:

  • Vayne
  • Zyra
  • Zilean
  • Brand
  • Xerath

All of these champions have a lot of poke and plenty of crowd-control. With Seraphine having few escapes and low mobility, she's an easy target.

If you're struggling, utilise your High Note and passive to counter any poke and keep some distance between you and your enemies.