League Of Legends: Lillia Release Date, Abilities And Champion Build Guide

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A new champion in League of Legends is always an exciting announcement.

Especially if that new champion happens to be a jungler, or is at least intended to become one.

Lillia is the latest addition to an already stacked roster and will provide a unique set of abilities.

Let's check out all there is to know about Lillia.


Lillia is a magical being whose thoughts and powers are interwoven with the dreams of those who surround her.

She is a shy, clumsy and self-conscious character who is always seeking help those who need it.

Her form is somewhere between a deer, human and a tree.

Lillia is, in fact, a dream in the form of a physical being.

She was created by a magical tree in Ionia that gathers dreams in its flowers, one night this tree had a dream forming Lillia.

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Courtesy of Riot Games

A DREAM COME TRUE: Lillia is a physical manifestation of a dream


Lillia's abilities are certainly focused on the themes of nature and dreams.

It is stated in the Riot's Champion Insights: Lillia that she is intended to be a jungler.

However, like with most champions Riot releases, she'll probably make an appearance everywhere at some point.

Let's check each of Lillia's abilities.

Passive - Dream-Laden Bough

  • Lillia's abilities apply Dream Dust, dealing a portion of the targets maximum health as magic damage over a duration.

Q - Blooming Blows

  • Lilla swings her branch in the air, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies. The ability deals true damage to those at the outer edge of the circle. The ability also grants movement speed when the attack is successfully hit.

W - Watch Out! EEP!

  • Lillia lines up for a massive strike with her brand, dealing magic damage to enemies. Enemies at the centre of the ability take more damage.

E - Swirlseed

  • Lillia lobs a Swirlseed overhead, dealing magic damage to enemies and slowing them for a period of time. If Lillia’s Swirlseed misses the target, it’ll continue to roll until it hits an enemy or collides with the terrain.

R - Lilting Lullaby

  • Lillia casts a lullaby over her enemies and those affected by her Dream Dust become increasingly slowed before falling asleep for a duration of time. When awakened by damage, enemies take additional magic damage.

Release Date

Lillia, The Bashful Bloom, is set to release onto the rift on the 22nd of July.

She will likely be put on the Public Beta Environment by next week.


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