Miss Fortune, Thresh, Pyke, And More New Skins Coming To LoL 11.15

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UPDATE - The official skins and their chromas that were revealed for patch 11.15 have now been revealed through the official update notes.

Update 11.14 is scheduled to release on 8th July with a bunch of new content. However, leaks for the League of Legends Public Beta Environment (PBE) have already revealed a bunch of new skins for update 11.15.


The list of skins that have been revealed for update 11.15 are:

  • Ruined Miss Fortune
  • Unbound Thresh
  • Sentinel Pyke
  • Sentinel Rengar; and
  • Sentinel Graves.

Having said that, it is still quite early to confirm the release content for update 11.15. Scheduled to release on 21st July, 11.15 will undoubtedly feature a ton of new content. Additionally, with the Sentinels of Light as well as the Ruination in-game events launching with the release of 11.14, it is safe to say that a major part of the new content will be related to the in-game events.

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New skins in LoL 11.15

Here is a preview of the Unbound Thresh and Ruined Miss Fortune skins in LoL PBE,


Here is a preview of the Sentinel Rengar, Sentinel Pyke, and Sentinel Graves skins in LoL PBE.

UPDATE - Here are all the confirmed skins arriving in patch 11.15 today, as well as the chromas that will also be available:

Sentinel Graves and Chromas

Sentinel Pyke and Chromas


Sentinel Rengar and Chromas

Ruined Miss Fortune and Chromas

Cyber Pop Akshan and Chromas


Unbound Thresh

UPDATE - Here are the animations for the new skins and chromas that arrived in patch 11.15 in League of Legends:

LoL 11.15 PBE Cycle

The PBE cycle for update 11.15 was scheduled to begin on 7th July. However, owing to the holiday on 5th July, the cycle has been delayed by a day. This means that instead of beginning from 7th July, LoL 11.15's PBE cycle will begin from 8th July.


This means that on top of indulging in the update 11.14's release on the main server, players will also be able to test out a bunch of upcoming content on the PBE server.

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