League of Legends: How To Level Up Fast

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League of Legends is a competitive game, but you won't be able to unlock Ranked for quite some time when kicking off - and that's probably for the best, as it can be an unforgiving place.

If you've read through our Beginners Guide and are ready to climb Summoner levels to face the best of the best, then you're in the right place.


Here are the fastest ways to level up in League of Legends.

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League of Legends: How To Level Up Fast

There are a couple of ways to earn bonus EXP in League of Legends, but they're all pretty standard if you've played any other game with a levelling system in recent years.


EXP Boosts

If you want to drop some cash to level up more quickly, that option is there with two types of EXP Boost on offer.

Duration Boosts will last for a certain period, while Win Boosts will buff EXP gained from winning matches up to a certain number of wins.

The former doubles EXP gained and the latter adds 210XP to any win you earn. You'll need to buy them with Riot Points, though, so there's no way to buy them through in-game currency like Blue Essence or Orange Essence.


Play To Win

Playing games of League of Legends will add EXP, but wins will offer much more than losses (as you'd imagine).

With that in mind, try and team up with a friend or be prepared to communicate. Partnering up pre-match can also offer a buff for your Champion Mastery, too.

Your first win of the day will also buff EXP earned if you've hit level 15, and offers 400XP as a bonus.