League of Legends Hullbreaker Item Revealed Ahead Of Next 11.13 Patch

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League of Legends (LOL) is very well-known for its in-game items which play a significant role to boost a champion’s overall statistics and abilities.

And now, developers Riot Games has somehow teased us with a possible upcoming item in the game. The Hullbreaker, which is a new AD splitpush item could be up for grabs for players in the next major patch which is 11.13.

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Keep reading to know more about the Hullbreaker in League of Legends.


League Of Legends Hullbreaker Release Date

The Hullbreaker will be released in update 11.13 which is scheduled to go live on Wednesday, June 23, 2021.

League Of Legends Hullbreaker Leaks

The most notable leak about the Hullbreaker came from game designer Phlox. The user posted photos on a tweet that showed the item, as well as the effects and stats it can give.

Hullbreaker could replace Sanguine Blade as the first-choice item for sidelaners and AD splitpush champions. It provides an additional 50 attack damage and 400 health., as well as 45 armor and magic resistance. It can also buff nearby cannons and siege minions while taking down towers.


League Of Legends Hullbreaker Confirmed Information

Although the stats and in-game effects of the Hullbreaker leaked could somehow be true, it is still subject to change until it is finally released in LOL.

But fans may already have a glimpse now of what the new item can bring to the game, and two weeks is already close. Follow us for more League of Legends news and updates!

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