League of Legends: How To Unblock Someone

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In most online games, there is a chance that you already have encountered or would still encounter ‘toxic’ players who tend to trash talk or purposely feed in matches. And League of Legends is no stranger to that.

That is why they implemented the option for layers to block someone. The blocked player then wouldn’t be able to view your profile or won’t find you anymore through the search bar.


Although if a change of heart would eventually take place if you decide to be friends with him or her again, then you can unblock those players whom you’ve blocked before.

Here’s how to unblock someone in League of Legends.

How To Unblock Someone In League of Legends

You need to launch first the LOL game client before you can unblock someone in the game.


Once done, look for the Settings icon represented by the gear symbol at the top-right part of the screen.

Then click the pop-up settings page which will direct you to various options including the Block List. Select it, and the list of the players you have blocked will appear.

Navigate to the name of the player you want to unblock. An ‘x’ symbol will appear which will allow you to eventually unblock them. Click it to finish, and you have now unblocked that person in League of Legends.

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