League of Legends: How To Turn Off Chat

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Chat is one of the main communication tools you can use in Riot Games’ League of Legends (LOL). You can chat with your online friends in games, especially if you are not using its open-mic feature.

But there may be times that you would tend to turn off or disable the chat at times. This could take place if you tend to put more concentration and focus on your games, and the feeling of disturbance from other players may give you more eye on the game.


With that being said, here’s how to turn off chat in League of Legends.

How To Turn Off Chat In League of Legends

Go to your League of Legends client and log in with your account.

Then head to the directory of your PC/laptop where you originally installed the game. You can find it by going here: C:/Riot Games/League of Legends/Config/


Once done, look for PersistedSettings.json. in it. Copy and paste it into a notepad afterwards.

Then look for the term “name”: “ChatScale”, and change the value to -100.

Finish by going back to your game to run it. It will automatically save the change you have made which is to turn off the chat in LOL.

That’s it! Follow us for more League of Legends guides like this one.


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