League of Legends: How To See MMR

MMR or the matchmaking rate is a known term which you can commonly hear in competitive video games today.

And in Riot Games’ League of Legends (LOL), your MMR would dictate who could be the other players that has the same skill gauge as you. That is why the game’s system is really working its way to calculate the MMR of every LOL player in the world.

But how can you actually see it in the game? Keep reading to find out more.

How To See MMR In League of Legends

So far in LOL, you may not be able to see your MMR in the game, unfortunately.

There is no official word from Riot Games on why the MMR of every player won’t show up. Although one possible factor for this is that they may want to keep every player’s desire to play and grind the game without knowing the exact numbered skill range they already have which also reflects to the possible skill range of their opponents.

But for sure, your MMR is very well considered by Riot and their actual basis of doing matchmaking. Yet you can keep track of the LP distribution every after games to somehow get a glimpse of how well you performed.

Factors Involved In Your MMR In League of Legends

Some of the factors involved in your MMR include the LP you would receive at the end of a game.

And in case you want to know how the MMR system works, your MMR will increase by winning matches, or decrease if you lose, of course. One of the best ways you can consider is to exceed a 50%-win rate, even if you are on the winning or losing end.

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